Sunday, March 16, 2014

10/52: Another First

As a parent our lives are filled with "firsts". First words, first steps, first days at school.  And now this.

First child to get a drivers license.

Ciara passed her driving test yesterday and is now officially licensed to drive.

She has her own little car and her first chore yesterday after she got her license was to drive Max to a friends house.  Liberating......for both of us!

In the spirit on Lent there has been a lot of purging going on here.  I started out just cleaning closets and cupboards and it has evolved into a major house cleanse. I have been selling a load of stuff on Craigslist and it feels kinda good to once again have a ( nearly) empty basement. The extra cash is not bad either.

We had a bit of a bake fest this week to provide goodies for the bake sale at Ciara's marching band fund raiser, the school craft fair. 

The apple coffee cake turned out pretty well.

 I was tempted to sample it before we sent it off to the bake sale but decided its retail value might be somewhat diminished if it had a slice missing.

Saturday held some more excitement when Max and his friend had to call 911 when they discovered a group of kids messing around in a field with a car that subsequently burst into flames. The boys got the fire brigade out to put out the fire.  Another crisis averted. ( Thanks to Michelle for the photographic documentation of the event)

And the weekend was topped off with a little impromptu St Paddys day celebration. beer!

And ( not green) cake!