Friday, March 7, 2014


Bloggy shorthand (aka the lazy, fast catch up post)

More puppies. Six this time bringing the puppy total to 39. One was VERY hard to part with.

I decided I was sick of my hair so Max helped me with some highlights.  Here is my super attractive photo taken during the process. 

And the after photo... Didn't turn out too bad. 

Poor Max. He humours me ... a lot.  I decided to use the leftover bleach on his hair.  And yes... I am aware that the sort of things I do to him may require therapy down the track. 

The snow paid us another visit, which was at odds with the forecast ( got to love our local news and weather service - check out Fridays high temp.)

 It was like a snow globe out there for a while.

But by the time night fell it  was absolutely breathtaking.