Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Birthday Boy


Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy...( mostly for the benefit of family and friends overseas). Please excuse the remains of the pepperoni pizza that is smeared all over his face. On his birthday Jack reserved the right to not wash any part of his body all day.(yikes)


Matt made a special birthday pancake for the shape of the letter J. It wasn't until after the picture was taken that we realized the J was back to front, but luckily the birthday boy was blissfully unaware.


And the only thing he wanted for his birthday was the "Rocket Fishing Rod"...advertised on TV by Billy Mays or some equally respectable TV sales person. Here is the rod in action....he didn't catch a fish with it but that didn't seem to matter


  1. That is one happy birthday boy!

  2. Those are sweet photos! Happy Birthday to Jack!

    Donna, the May Pet Parade is tomorrow. If you want to join in, that would be wonderful!

  3. I don’t think my son ever has a clean face, just different shade of dirty. I didn’t even notice the pepperoni stains until you mentioned it.
    These are sweet birthday photos, I am sure family will think they are even better.
    The pancake looks good!

  4. HAHA! He wanted something from an infomercial!!! Funny! I have my eye on the SNUGGIE (as seen on TV)! ;)

  5. Belated birthday greetings to the birthday boy! What a cutie!! I didn't notice the pizza sauce and had to go back and look again, yep, there it was. Fun photos, Donna.