Friday, May 29, 2009

Homage to Nature - Part 1


Any photographer will tell you that looking through the lens of a camera gives you a whole new respect and admiration for Mother Nature. Even an amatuer photographer like me can see trees and rain and even blades of grass in a whole new light. Over the last week I was really reminded about just how awesome nature is. This is part one of my "Homage to Nature"....the beautiful American Bald Eagle.


While we were up at our cabin over the Memorial Day weekend we were lucky enough to have this guy perch on a tree right in front of us on and off all weekend. Apparently he is still a baby...his feathers are all mottled and they haven't turned their distinctive white and brown yet. Although you can start to see his beak changing from a brown color to the distinctive bright yellow. But I have to tell you even for a baby he sure has a massive wing least 6 foot from wing tip to wing tip.


It was such a pleasure to see him knowing that they are breeding and thriving again in the wild after so many years teetering on the edge of extinction. I'm hoping he will hang around the lake for a season or two at least so we can see him mature and change into an adult. Mother Nature really is pretty cool isn't she!


  1. Amen! I am surprised how often I am left a little breathless after seeing something I've looked at 100 times differently through my camera.

    Beautiful eagle! You get the sense of how wide the wing span is in these pics!

  2. this is a magical series of photos ~left me breathless!

  3. What great pictures. You and your boys should check out this site - - it's a live webcam of an eagle's nest in WV, about a mile from the home of a good friend of ours. The baby eagle hasn't fledged yet, and you can watch him hang out in the nest, waiting for mom and dad to arrive with food.

  4. wow these are incredible - they look professional to me. what an amazing creature.

  5. how lucky you were to have such company! we have eagles over here, too, and sometimes they are out and about while i'm gardening. that's my favorite. when we go to visit family up north, they live near orcas island, they get to watch families of eagles flying over the sound all day long. it never ceases to amaze me. beautiful photos!

  6. Wow, those are some amazing shots!! Bald Eagles really are majestic birds, even this one that doesn't have the typical white head yet.

    Thanks for commenting on my kitchen post. We ordered the granite today, so no turning back now!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  7. Great photos!
    I'm a newbie in photography, and I swear I'm "drunk" half the time now on the sights I see and want to photograph. It makes my pulse race when I see something to capture.
    Thanks for coming to visit me. When I read your comment and then looked at your profile, I knew immediately who you were from your b'day photos on Michelle's blog.
    And BTW, I LOVE that ocean photo in your blog header. Great shot!

  8. Awesome captures of the juvenile baldie, Donna! I'm so jealous right now, you wouldn't believe it!I have a friend in Seattle who does bird photography. I think he would be impressed with your captures.