Saturday, May 9, 2009

Field Trips

Thought it would be helpful for me to start a list of places that I think it would be fun ( and educational) to go for field trips next year.

Here is my list...( which no doubt will be added to over time.)

1 - The OMSI in Portland. It is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and has a number of wonderful Science exhibits that will tie in with our Earth Science studies as well as one on Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions which will complement our study of Renaissance figures.
2 - Mount St Helens. Again because we will be studying earth science having Mt St Helens in our "backyard" gives us an excellent opportunity for hands on learning.
3 - The Boeing factory in Everett. They offer guided tours of the factory.
4 - Garnet digging at the Emerald Creek Garnet Area...for the kids to try out being junior rock hounds


  1. I used to love doing field trips! I don't know what happened, but maybe I'll get into the swing of them again. . .

  2. i think you should take them to AUSTRALIA for a field trip :) cos it would be great to learn about other cultures (hehehe). And you could go surfing for PE!