Saturday, March 12, 2011




My coach is a fan of it.  Last year I can say that I was absolutely consistent with my swim training...consistent in that I never actually did any. 
This year I thought I'd apply consistency to a more productive approach.  And that is to actually swim.
This has proven a little more fruitful than my previous approach.

I feel like I've been super lucky too.  My Coach recently changed gyms and now swims at the same place I do.  A number of other members of my tri club have changed over too.  So now I can get some great workouts in with a really fun group of people and get top notch coaching and advice on my stroke and swimming technique.

I have been swimming three times a week and last weekend I went to a great swim clinic that Coach Scott held for members of our tri club.  I feel like I am finally being consistent.  I'm not sure how that will translate to actual racing.  Only time will tell. But I figure even if it doesn't make me faster at least it will give me more confidence.

 Now if I could only apply this concept to riding my bike on the trainer.

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  1. Every time I swim at the gym, I fantasize about having someone show me proper techniques and form. I am pretty sure I butcher any of the strokes I try!