Saturday, March 5, 2011

Please use the proper terminology

I'm always marvelling at God's sense of humor. And believe me, He has a really good one.

I like to think that I have tried to teach my children some good manners.

Swearing for example has always been a big no-no, although I am realising as the boys get older that banning something only in fact makes it somehow more alluring. Like the use of the term for a female dog. If its used in context it is quite an acceptable term. Out of context....a definite NO.

So it was on our recent tour of the Underground in Seattle that the tour guide made Max's day. He told us about the inventor of the flushable toilet. The poor man's name was Crapper....and the device he invented was Crappers Valveless Waste Preventer....or "the crapper" for short.


I kid you not.

IMG_0811 may be able to see where this is going. When requiring the use of the facilities shortly after Max announced that he needed to use the crapper. I cringed. Before I could respond he let me know that it was in fact the proper terminology used in the appropriate context. For 10 year old boy it was a huge victory. and as he strolled off to use the crapper I thought I might have heard God chuckle.

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