Friday, March 4, 2011 nemesis

Some of you may recall my "almost" trip to Seattle last November. I was supposed to be running the Seattle Half marathon just after Thanksgiving but thanks to our record breaking snowfall that month the Pass between Spokane and Seattle seemed a little too treacherous for me and I begged off going.

Seattle 1...Donna 0

Fast forward to late February. Ciara has to go across to Seattle with her band for a competition. This is what our yard looked like late last week.....


So we thought it would be a good excuse to escape more Spokane snow and head across to Seattle early. Do some touristy sightseeing before Ciara's competition. Great idea right???

Well it started off well.

The hubster, kids and I hit the great open road. Love road tripping with my fam.


Lots of magnificent scenery made the 5 hour car ride fly by.





We spent the weekend seeing Seattle...

the Underground tour..(more on that later)

the Aquarium,



the Space needle



and the Pacific Science Center.


And then Monday rolled around and we started getting ready for the band competition. Sounds too easy but Seattle wasn't going to let me get the better of her. So she dumped a whole new load of snow on the Pass and closed it. The rest of the band couldn't get across to Seattle. No band = no competition.

Seattle 2....Donna 0

Hmmm....Closed Pass = no going home to Spokane. guessed it. We were stuck in Seattle until Wednesday. At least the Sheraton was a good place to get stuck. Huge gym and heated indoor lap pool. Got to make the best of it


The end score:

Seattle 3...Donna 0

But I WILL have my revenge. My friend Amy and I are running the Seattle marathon at the end of this year. I'll be back, Seattle. I have a score to settle.


  1. I don't know, I think the lovely long weekend in Seattle should count as one point in your column.

    I loved the aquarium there when I visited.

  2. Great pics - you should have taken your ski gear and gone to Crystal Mtn!! Better luck in future Seattle vs Donna challenges...