Saturday, February 1, 2014

6/52: Good Mother Award

The boys had their first eye exam in 5 years. Yes, I know I am a good mother.  I should really be getting an award...not. Jack was a little freaked out by the drops they gave him to dilate his eyes and he wanted me to record his monster pupils for posterity.

And the result of the eye exams.....

I told him he looks like Clark Kent.

Max's prescription caused the optician to do an double take.  He called the optometrist to check the prescription thinking it couldn't possibly be right.  Unfortunately it was .  And we have a 13 year old wearing bifocals.  Luckily they now make progressive lenses that don't have a noticeable line across the middle of the lens so at least he won't look like he is wearing his mother's glasses. His glasses won't be ready until next week so he has escaped a bespectacled appearance on the blog until next time.

Later on in the week we finally had a decent snow fall.

I think this is the least amount of snow we have had in any winter for the entire 10 years we have lived here.

Most of you know that I hate the cold but for me the snow makes it tolerable. No snow has made for a VERY long winter.

I took some photos out and about in the neighborhood after the snowfall.  Yes, I was driving and photo irresponsible.  I think I should be in line for another award: " Do what I say not what I do" Anyway, it really looks like Mother Nature is putting on her Sunday best.  So pretty.

Thanks to the snow there have been a lot of indoor workouts.  Luckily I know plenty of crazy people who think that sweaty trainer rides followed by an outdoor run in 20F weather on a Saturday morning are fun.

And of photo update is complete with this.

Our current group of foster puppies. They are like a force 10 hurricane.  They chewed through our telephone cord so we were phoneless for 24 hours. Very naughty, but still..  LOVE.

And then of course tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Our local team, the Seattle Seahawks finally made it to the big game.  I am becoming more of a fan ...( did I even say that out loud).. so hopefully next weeks blog post will involve lots of photos of our post game celebrations.