Friday, January 31, 2014

Whole Food Challenge: Week 3

This week was a tough one, and I will tell you that I fell off the wagon briefly.  But it was an intentional falling off so at least I can say that my willpower is still intact. You see I had my bike test this week.  If you are not a triathlon nerd like me you probably have no idea what a bike test is.  Basically it is a periodic test that is done to measure progress and performance on the bike.  It is a mental challenge and a physical one designed to test your limits and your endurance.  In essence you go as hard as you possible can for 5 minutes, then easy for 10 and then as hard as you can maintain for 20 minutes.  It doesn't sound too hard but I can tell you that 20 minutes can feel like an eternity when your legs are screaming and your heart is jumping out of your chest.

Anyway I knew it was going to be a challenge and I wasn't prepared to go into it and run out of gas halfway through so I had a powerbar gel before I started. Yes, I know there is nothing but sugar and chemicals in it but I am unapologetic.  I went on to have the best bike test ever and set a new power PR.  Even my coach said I put a smile on his face which is a rare compliment from him.  So yay for preservatives, chemicals and carcinogenic additives.


The rest of the week I honestly felt like food was boring.  I am not a big foodie to start with and by the end of the week I was just sick of thinking about it. But there were still lots of positives from the week. Some of them are a bit obscure but worth noting nonetheless.

1- Our household is producing way less garbage.  Usually by the end of the week our trash can is full to overflowing, especially our recycling but I guess buying less packaged food has had an impact on our garbage output.  So that is an unexpected environmental win.

2- Still not hungry.

3 - I am eating less food after dinner.  Usually the post dinner/ pre bedtime period is the toughest for me.  That is usually the time I end up snacking on junk food.  But I feel like this experiment has helped me break that habit and I feel much better for it.  Instead I have a cup of chamomile tea and if I am really tempted to have something sweet I will grab some strawberries and raspberries instead of M&Ms.  So that is a win and hopefully a habit I can retain after this experiment is over.

4 - We have discovered some awesome new favorites.  Matt discovered this coconut "ice cream". Having a spoonful or 2 after dinner has kept him on the straight and narrow and he has given it 2 thumbs up saying he thinks it's even better than real ice cream. It only has coconut, vanilla and agave in it. This one is chocolate flavor ( no I didn't eat it), and it's only additional ingredient is fair trade cocoa. All organic. Simple but yum.

5 - Our weekly grocery bill is lower. I guess that goes to show that I can afford to buy organic by cutting out all the processed and packaged food I normally buy.

So we have made it through week 3.  Only one more week to go.  I have to tell you that the kit kat that sits next to my bed only has a life expectancy of 7 more days.