Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whole Food Challenge - halfway

Halfway through our 30 day challenge.

Matt is feeling and looking great.  He is the poster boy of the success for eating Whole Foods and no sugar or processed junk.

I think I have had a far less stellar experience.  True, I have stuck to the program but for me there have been both pluses and minuses.  The biggest plus for me is that I am never hungry.  And that is a big deal when you are training and you feel like all you are doing is eating to make up calories. Having said that it is surprising to admit that the minuses have been a lack of zip in my legs when it comes to IM training.  My workouts have been pretty average.  I get tired more quickly and run out of gas during workouts.  As a result I am often running on tired legs and unfortunately it has led to injury.  At the moment I am fighting a knee injury that has caused a veto on running for the last week.  I can literally feel all the fitness I have built up over the last 3 months slowly ebbing away. I am  rehabbing it with plenty of PT and massage and I know I can't just put it down to a change in diet but the PT explained that when I am tired my running gait falls apart and that's when injuries happen.  VOILA.

  In the spirit of full disclosure, I did buy a KitKat and it is sitting beside my bed in case of emergencies.  I haven't had to use it yet. But I always like to be prepared.