Sunday, January 5, 2014

2/52; Kicking off the NY

A picture a day in the bag, baby! 

OK, so it's only the first week of the new year but sometimes you have to take your victories when you can. 

My intention is to chronicle our family life for a year.  With a touch of melancholy I realized that it will be Ciara's last year at home before she heads off to college so I wanted to try and capture a little of  the every day that will soon be gone.  Life is happening right now and as the kids always tell me "YOLO, Mum". You Only Live Once. So I am choosing to embrace this year, enjoy it and  journal it. 

The week after Christmas involved a lot of relaxing and 24 hour pajama wear.

Please note what the children are doing above versus the adults in the picture below.  Oh yea, baby. Victory number 2! And may I just add that I am taking this picture while riding my bike on the trainer.  Took way more coordination than I expected.

 Ok, ok, so the kids did get off the couch occasionally.  

This is Jack (in white) at his indoor soccer game.  He plays in something akin to an indoor hockey rink with grass.  So you will have to excuse the reflections off the plexiglass in the photo.  

And in chronicling our journey I would be remiss not to include those we consider to be part of our adopted family.  Our neighbours Natalie and Alex heading back to college. 3 favourite faces.