Sunday, January 19, 2014

4/52; A Little Bit Random

My 2014 pledge to chronicle our daily life continues. A photo a day of whatever inspires me at the time.

If you have read my post about surviving week one of our WholeFood Challenge you will remember I was having cravings for something sweet.  So I experimented with almond flour to see if I could make some banana muffins.

They turned out ok but more experimentation is required.

This is what reading looks like in the 21st century.  Not a paper page in sight.

And this is now I wish I could sleep.  Puppy sleep looks so good.

The boys finished their engineering unit on bridge building and then we got to put them to the test.  Both designs survived the 6 pound bag of golf balls test, ( yes, this is a very scientific measurement).

My favorite chef taking control of the meal prep.  I can see why they call this whole food thing Paleo eating.  He does seem very caveman-ish out there with his meat and fire

And speaking of food, for all my Aussie peeps, look what I found in Costco. Darrell Lea licorice.  I have my fingers crossed that the Darrell Lea Easter eggs will be next.