Sunday, January 12, 2014

3/52; January Rolling Along

This week started off with a call from the animal shelter to come and pick up some more puppies for us to foster.  This was almost too much cuteness.

They settled in pretty quickly and before the end of the day they had the run of the house.

And while the rest of the country was experiencing an artic freeze we were cheering to see some of the white stuff finally falling in the PNW.

Luckily the boys were ready for such an occurrence and had their sleds at the ready.

Hyacinth growing was also in full swing.

Sometimes I need an extra reason to get out of bed and workout in the morning and our regular post workout coffee on Saturday morning always seems to do the trick.  Plus I have the best coffee companions

.We watched the Seattle Seahawks edge closer to the Super Bowl.

 And on Saturday night we went and watched a friend perform in the Spokane Youth Ballet's latest production

Got my dose of culture and had the opportunity to stare at muscly men in tights.  Awesome sauce.