Saturday, January 25, 2014


If you saw my post last week about my caveman husband, this picture proves that it's hereditary.

And Jack was given an old Gameboy by our neighbor....and he shows how he goes old school on Pokemon.

Most of the week the weather here has been really gloomy.  Thick, relentless fog.  I think I had forgotten what the sun looks like.  And then the boys and I decided to play hookie and take a day off to go skiing.  On the way up the mountain the fog was as thick as soup.  You can see it here in the background as we were on our way up in the gondola.

But then we hit the top and it was hello blue sky and sun

One of the best skiing days we have had in ages.  No wind just clear beautiful sunny skies.

In the background you can see the fog settled into the valley.  It looks like snow but it is actually cloud.