Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Imagine living in a black and white world.  Monochrome. Dull, dreary, depressing. So when you think about color it makes you realize how amazing God is.  What a fantastic idea, making everything in color...and better still making human eyes able to perceive all the different shades and hues.  Color is invigorating, refreshing, energizing.

( Thanks to Kim for allowing me to go an pick over her garden).

If you were to look around my house you would be able to tell without too much effort what my favourite colors are.  There is a lot of chocolate...not surprising considering my love affair with confectionary but you will notice a lot of teal, aqua and blue here and there and just a little gray.  There is no orange...or purple... I don't really know why..I don't hate those colors but I guess I am just not drawn to them.  

My latest color obsession is this candle.  It reminds me of a stormy ocean or a windswept beach.

And so it's no surprise that my latest knitting project is all about reflecting those colors. A big warm blanket to sit under at high school football games.  Which aren't too far away so I had better get knitting.