Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Holding onto Summer

With the kids heading back to school tomorrow it seems like the last few strands of summer are slipping through my fingers.  I am trying to hold onto these last few days and enjoy them.

We have been busy with our usual menu of soccer and marching band practices but we have also had a wonderful visit from some of our extended Australian family.  A cousin who I hadn't seen since I was 18 who had been vacationing in South America for the last 3 months came to stay.  We had an absolute blast with her and her partner.  We gave them the full American treatment.  Beer and a hotdog at a baseball game.  An afternoon at the winery sampling local wine. A day on the lake enjoying some stand-up paddle boarding. And of course the good ol' reliable neighborhood BBQ. 

Oh how I love you summer. And I know I am going to miss you.