Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An American Christmas - Part 2

After recovering from Christmas day feasting it was time to make a bit more merry, so on Boxing Day we all headed up to a friends place to eat Mexican. They are my surrogate family and are always a ton of laughs. I think my real family came away with a sense of why we love living here so much.

Then off to Schweitzer Mountain Resort for 3 days of skiing and snowboarding. I managed to take a total of 2 photos while we were up there....hopeless I know.  Here is the first one...


And here is the second.....


This is what happens when you have your camera set on continuous shooting mode and it continues to flash and take photos long after you have finished...sheesh!

Now that I think about it this did sort of set the tone for the next few days.  Fun and silliness. So when we got back from Schweitzer and NYE was upon us I guess we just figured we would continue that theme through the new year.
More on that to come!

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  1. I had no idea that we had a boxing day party. Huh? Weird. ;)