Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maui Paradise HM


This was purely coincidental.

Matt doesn't believe me but its true.

AFTER we had planned and booked our trip to Maui I found out that the Maui Paradise Half Marathon would be on while we were there. Purely coincidental.


Anyway..its very small town and fun, organised by a great race director called Jerry of the Maui Road Runners Club. He seems really laid back and accomodating. When I spoke to him a few days before the race he told me that only 6 people had signed up...6!!!  I felt really bad for him but he went on to explain that this was not your average half marathon.  There were no aid stations, no timing chips, no finish line to speak of.  You didn't even have to run it on the scheduled day if you don't want to. It seems that people run this race effectively all through the year so its not just a one day event its year long.  Like I said VERY laid back and accomodating.  One other thing he told me was to make sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp because I would be starting out in the dark.  I'm not sure if I forgot or just didn't think it was important enough but neglecting that little bit of advice cost me.  Oh well, live and learn.


So the short version without too many boring race details.  I did it.  It was hot. It was fun.  A new half marathon PR but I was hoping to go a little faster.  But a PR is a PR.


The long version...I missed my sub 2 hour goal by 1 min 45 secs.  That 1:45 I lost in the first 2 miles because I couldn't see where I was going. really was THAT dark. It was about now that I was understanding the wisdom in Jerry's advice to bring a flashlight...doh!

mile 1 - 10:12 min
mile 2 - 10:03

(Can't see anything...hopefully I am still running in the right direction.  I can't see my time on my garmin.  I can't even see my Garmin.  Actually I can't even see my arm....just keeping running and hope the sun comes up soon.)

mile 3 - 9:31
mile 4 - 9:24
mile 5 - 9:12

(Sun comes up and it starts to occur to me that I have lost a bit of time and need to start picking it up a bit)

mile 6 - 8:58
mile 7 - 8:59
mile 8 - 9:10
mile 9 - 9:11
mile 10 - 9:08

( Feeling good until I do a quick calculation in my foggy brain and realise that I need to giddy up some more to reel in those first few lazy miles)

mile 11 -8:48



mile 12 - 8:56



mile 13 - 9:00



the last 0.13 -1:09 (8:36 pace) 
(Oh well...better luck next time)

Total time - 2:01:44

Av pace- (9:16)



  1. Yay!!! Good job Mum!!! :D :D :D
    I was there, just hiding, though...sort of.

  2. Oh my gosh! You killed it! I would DIE of happiness to run a half in 2:01. I'm super proud of you for WINNING that thing! ;)

    p.s. What's the story on the socks. How do they help. I see them everywhere and have always wondered. :)

  3. Nice work - you look really strong in those running pics - and what a beautiful place to run a HM!! Glad the family could enjoy seeing you run it too :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Good job on your PR also :). Sounds like a really fun half marathon. Excited to follow your journey to Ironman Arizona!!

  5. Hi Donna. I look forward to reading more of your blog and meeting you in Tempe. I laughed when I read this post as almost 15 years ago, I was in Mauir for my honeymoon and there just happened to be a marathon there, so I signed up and did it! Got a whale medal too. Will read more of your blog soon. My road bike was made in Seattle. Is there your first IM? Happy Training. Beth