Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An American Christmas - Part 1


Some Aussies came over to celebrate Christmas with us...my 2 brothers and their families.   I can't tell you how excited we have been waiting for them to arrive.  And then all of a sudden they were here...and we had a million things we wanted to do.  So we did our best to give them an American Christmas.

First thing on the agenda was going to the property and cutting down our own Christmas tree. My SIL wore her slippery shoes and good naturedly allowed us to drag her up and down the mountain looking for the perfect tree.


The 3 girls showed off their logging skills.

xmas tree

The boys,( not to be outdone), felt the need to cut something down themselves.


Then of course we had to get it home and decorate it.



There was a gingerbread house to be decorated too!


We went on a Christmas cruise to CDA to see the Christmas lights. A little chilly but by this time the Aussies were getting used to rugging up against a Pacific NW winter. Look how tough they are standing out there in the snow.


Lots of last minute Christmas shopping and then Mother Nature played a hand on Christmas Eve.


She delivered a white Christmas....along with lots of sledding and playing in the snow. Some crazy people felt the need to semi-disrobe and roll in the snow. Now I may be crazy...but I'm not THAT crazy.



Christmas was a lovely day of drinking, eating and making merry. It took us several hours to all pitch in and make possibly the most delicious Turkey baked dinner ever and then it took us about 30 minutes to devour the whole thing. The kids loved having their cousins here to hang out with. Truly it was the most wonderful family Christmas.  I really feel blessed that they decided to come all this way.



  1. I love it. And them. And you.

    But what in the world?!?! Why no shirts?!?! Crazy. ;)

  2. Looks like the perfect CHristmas!