Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Adventures

The weather was wonderfully mild last night as we ventured out with some friends to take the kids trick or treating.
I really thought I'd take a whole lot of pictures. I had this idea of getting the kids and their friends to pose under this giant inflatable haunted arch that we have outside our front porch but in hindsight I can see this was doomed to failure. They let me snap off a few quick photos at the door and then they were all off running in all directions. We spent most of the time herding them to the side of the road and avoiding oncoming traffic.
My friend Dana challenged me early in the night to a photo dual. After lying on someone's cold, damp lawn to get this picture of Jack I conceded defeat in preference to not catching pneumonia.

Even hubby got into the Halloween spirit..(pardon the pun!!!) and dressed as a biker. He had been to the Halloween store for some accessories and picked up some plastic "bling" and tattoo sleeves. He was disappointed to find out from the children that bikers don't wear bling...he might have to save that for next year and be a rapper. My eight year old son has taken possession of the tattoo sleeves remarking that they are the coolest thing he has ever seen. I am thinking that this does not bode well for his teenage years.
Finally after it was all over it was time to sort through their candy stash. While the others were sorting according to what candy was their favorite my five year old was color coding his candy. Sometimes the mind of a 5 year old can be boggling! Happy Halloween.


  1. Sounds like your night was just about as exciting as ours! I always say I'm going to take lots of pictures, but with getting both kids out of their car seats . . . in and out and back and forth, I somehow miss a lot of photo ops. Aw well, there's always next year! ;)

  2. what great photos! are the red and blue costumed kids twins? Hubby was a great sport to play along.... and omg; how cute is that photo with the pigtails and the little wisp of bangs!!!

  3. color coded candy is awesome. i think i'd take the yellow pile.

  4. Very cute! It looks like your son liked his red power ranger costume as much as mine did. :)