Sunday, November 2, 2008

What to do With Leftover Pumpkin

No..this is not a frugal tip on how to best use that mouldy carved pumpkin that is decaying on your front porch. It is however an insight into the mind of an 8 year old boy....a glimpse into the great unknown.
My son and his friend had been quietly busying themselves on the lawn all afternoon when he came in to ask if he could use the pumpkins. It didn't even occur to me to ask what he wanted them for...."as long as you clean everything up after you're finished". Generally my rules are pretty simple..don't make a mess that someone else has to clean up and avoid engaging in any form of public mischief. These usually tend to keep them out of trouble.
After continued silence from the boys out on the lawn..(as most parents of boys will tell you can mean that mischief is afoot) curiosity was peaked. When I opened the front door to see what they were up to I saw the boys lying on their bellies on the grass. My son was firing an arrow he had made from drinking straws with an bow he had fashioned from a twig and some yarn. They were practicing their aim and firing their arrows into the pumpkin. Most ingenious...and naysayers say this generation of children have no imagination!


  1. very great way to pass the time and use that leftover pumpkin ~ you captured the moments so well in your photos!

  2. Hahaha! Boys will be boys....
    What a great idea.

  3. Who pray tell was the brave soul on the receiving end of that photograph?

  4. Brave woman!! I saw you out there on your belly in the grass. ;)

    That's the sign of a committed photographer. ;)

  5. wow, these are some awesome pictures!