Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Difficult Decision



So far this is causing the most difficulty for me. I feel like I have reviewed just about every science curriculum on the market at the moment and my head is spinning. But still I am no closer to making a decision on which HS science program to pick for next year.

For Ciara I have narrowed it down to:

Prentice Hall Science Explorer Series:
This was recommended by Ciara's science teacher and is actually the series that they use currently at her school.
Pros: Very thorough and a good prep for AP high school science if she decides to go back to school for high school.
Cons: Not written for a HS setting so have to chase down all the separate lab supplies and therefore I have to be really on top of what she is studying in advance so I can get all the labs prepped.
The most popular HS curriculum.
Pros: Written so the student can study it independently. Specifically designed for HSers so you can buy a lab kit with everything in it. Thorough science college prep.
Cons: Written from a creationist viewpoint which I don't agree with.
Bob Jones
Seems to be somewhere between the 2 others above.
Pros: Used in a classroom setting but adaptable to HS. Can buy the complete lab kits. Sequence in line with the more traditional school text like Prentice Hall.
So I think inevitabley I'll just have to pick one and go with it.
For the boys....hmmmm...have to think about that some more and come back to it.

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