Monday, April 20, 2009

Soda Explosion


Here's a bit of a riddle for you. What do you get when you combine a group of boys...(when I say boys I mean adult boys as well..), a bottle of soda and some candy mints? Mostly likely you would say...some boys having a snack...but noooooo, not in our family. You get an explosion.


There was much debate about who would pull the it was a shared task..(notice the boys holding hands and holding the string)

Soda Gueyser

Lots of giggling and ..."can we do it again?".


The "boys" also bought a cannon fuse...we don't have a cannon just so we are clear but they had fun lighting it and watching it burn.


  1. Mentos!! Gotta love the combination of Mentos and Coke. What is that contraption they used to drop the Mentos in? Too cute, btw, your two boys holding hands to hold the string so they both could drop the mints in. Love that shot!

  2. let me guess Uncle Pete!!!!
    Boys will be boys...........

  3. Gotta say even as a girl that looks pretty cool. I have never seen this done before only heard of it.

    No Cannon, I thought every family had one those.

  4. The picture of the boys holding hands is wonderful! I've always wanted to try the whole mentos/coke thing, but somehow we've never managed it.

    My dad has his own carbide cannon, which is probably one of his favorite possessions. He got it for Christmas from my mom when he was 55.

  5. LOVE the shots!!!! :) NICE!

    I love that your backyard is crazier than my backyard! ;)

    Now, I gotta start searching Craigslist for a cannon for ya! ;)

  6. I love these shots! Do you have future Myth Busters there?!

  7. oh my does that ever look fun and what great shots you got of the action!

    PS. I think this is a great use for soda!

  8. that had UNCLE PETE DID THIS written all over it, hehehe