Friday, April 3, 2009

Free books

We spend a lot on money on books...all sorts of books and so I am always surprised and delighted to find books that are available for free. Now I know what you are going to say...."That is what a library is for!"...but I LOVE to own books. To take my time reading them. To come back and reread them. I have my parents to thank for that habit by the way. They were book lovers and in fact one of my brothers has made books a bit of an obsession. He is a collector of rare and first edition books. there are a couple of websites I have stumbled upon or been directed to which offer free online versions of books. I know there are plenty more out there and I'll post them as I come across them...but here are just a few to start with......
Heritage History: This is a website established by one of the families from my co-op. It contains scanned copies of history books published prior to 1923. The copyright has expired on these books and cannot be renewed. This allows them to be made available free without breaching any copyright laws.

Authorama: These are books in the public domain and are free online

Google Books also offers some free books that you can preview online

If you and your family are going green here are a couple of ideas for book lovers that are also eco-conscious. At Swaptree and Bookins you can trade your used books with other booklovers for free. all you pay for is postage.

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