Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Books!!!!


Everyone loves a freebie...and if you love books as much as we do its always nice to find some that are made available to the public for free. Over the last few months I have either stumbled upon on been directed to these great websites for literary lovers!

Heritage History: This is a website established by one of the families I have recently met who are real history buffs. It contains scanned copies of history books published prior to 1923. The copyright has expired on these books and cannot be renewed. This allows them to be made available free without breaching any copyright laws.

Authorama: These are books in the public domain and are free online by arrangement with the author or under the same copyright release.

Google Books also offers some free books that you can preview online

If you and your family are going green here are a couple of ideas for book lovers that are also eco-conscious. At Swaptree and Bookins you can trade your used books with other booklovers for free. All you pay for is postage. Thanks to Dina for sharing her tip about bookins!


  1. Wow! You're just posting like CRAZY over here at Diary of A Dingo! ;)

    Hope you're out enjoying the sunshine!!! I went running today and actually peeled off my long sleeve shirt and ran in just a t-shirt! Hallelujah- winter may be ending!

    :) Have a great weekend.

  2. i really like the pile of books image ~i am really a book lover as well...elk

  3. Thank you for the great links! Love your photo!

  4. Excellent way to go green. Fun processing on your photo.

  5. Thanks for sharing these sites!

    We'll be back in the US in four months and I have to say that one of the top things of excitement on my list is having access to public libraries again! yay! And Half Price Books if you are familiar with that store. thanks!

  6. I've been doing a book purge. I pile them by the backdoor and when I go to work or to visit someone I grab a couple and hand them off with the strict instructions to read, enjoy and pass it on. I don't want them back.

  7. Love this photo and I LOVE books! Thanks so much for sharing these sites!

    Here's another one for you:

  8. Hi Donna!!! You know you are so special....I love your posts.....I am an avid reader. Even though they are the fiction vampire stories.

    Love You....hope enjoyed the beautiful weather.