Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homeschool planning


As our remodelling project progresses the kids are getting excited to see their new homeschool materialize. And I have had to start figuring out exactly what they will be studying next year. It sounds like a simple process...math, english, science...but I have discovered..(as most teachers will tell you I'm sure)...that its a little more complicated than that. Who knew that what we used to call "English" is now termed "Language arts" and comprises reading, comprehension, grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary and penmanship. Sheesh..I felt like I could be in trouble already :(
Science has also been a tough one for me to figure out. But that will be fodder for another blog post. Suffice it to say that there are a LOT of different programs out their with a huge range of different world views.
We are still deciding on whether or not we will go with a government sponsored program like SVLA or CVA or go it alone. There are benefits to both of course. The government sponsored programs will reimburse you for any non-religious curriculum but there are reporting requirements that go along with them. Part of the attraction of homeschooling was that we can really do whatever we want with minimal oversight, so that freedom is a lot to give up.
We will be attending a local homeschool co-op. I think that will be healthy for all of us to spend some time with a group of like minded people. They have asked me to think about what skills I could contribute to the co-op. Hmmm...let me think. What am I good at? Oh...I know...what about a coffee appreciation Blog surfing Housekeeping 101 ! ( I can just visualize my husband choking on his cornflakes as he reads this) that is definitely out. Ye gads...don't tell me I'll have to dust off the business degree and put it to work.


  1. I LOVE this picture donna! Such GREAT light!! Well done! :)

    It sounds bewildering to try to pick a curriculum. I think once you do that things should flow more easily. Just wading through it all though and trying to decide...ugh. Makes me want a coffee. ;) hehehe.

  2. I know Donna how bout Magaritta Making & Tasting 101? sound tempting? hehehe

  3. Great to see the progress on the new addition. It's going to have some lovely light. Good luck with the homeschooling. That's why the teachers get the (not so) big bucks. =)