Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's All About Consolidation


It seems by now that blogger has ironed out all the problems that I was experiencing moving my blog to my own website. It was not redirecting readers from my blogger address to my website as it should. Apparently that has all been fixed and so if you enter the old blog address (http://lemondingo.blogspot.com) you should be redirected here. {fingers crossed}.
Initially I thought it was a good idea to move my blog. When I first started blogging it was really just to share all the photos I had been taking and as a way of staying in touch with family and friends around the world. But after nearly a year it seems that my blogging has become a little more complicated. I had my original photoblog, a personal family blog plus a business one and homeschool one. It was getting a little confusing...keeping tabs on what I had posted to which blog was dizzying.
All this has coincided with a major life shift for us. Pulling our kids out of traditional school and homeschooling is a big change in all our lives. It is going to require a lot of adjustment in what we do and how we do it and in the spirit of change I decided that my blog life needed to be simplified too. I understand that consolidating my blogs may lead to some readers losing interest and no longer coming here for a visit...I know someone who is interested in photography might have zero interest in homeschooling...but in a way these blogs all represent different parts of who I am. A homeschooling, small business owning Mom who loves photography, her family and going just about anywhere on vacation! So just like me...its all just going to be packaged up in the one blog. I hope you can all still find something in here worth reading :-)


  1. I actually like that it will all be bundled up in one. I personally find all facets of you fascinating... and would hate to miss out on anything! ;)

    Here's to Change... and Simplification!! Cheers!

  2. wow i didn't even realise you had so many blogs :)

    Less Is More, cld u remind my husband (your brother) of that PLEASE!!!

  3. under construction, cool work Donna, I'll hve to brush up on my HTML stuff.

  4. Hi Bub, New blog looks gr8. Can Ciara's cake masterpiece be your handiwork? It can't be...surely not!!!

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  6. Wow, I can barely keep up with one blog and a day job. I can't imagine how you do it. I was wondering what was up the other day when I went to the blogspot site and it was gone. I just went to your website and found your link here. Build it and they will come, Donna.