Monday, June 22, 2009

Under Construction!!!


My blog has now moved to a new and improved website. Hooray for progress. But no move is complete without some my blog is currently having a remodel...much like my house. Hopefully it will all be back up and running soon.


  1. hee-hee. The joys of technology! ;) House is looking GOOD!! :)

  2. umm so ya blog isn't up & running hey? well I wonder who will be reading this post then, hehehe!!!

  3. I know -- it certainly was maddening with all of the blog problems! Mine is working fine now, so I hope that yours is all redirecting/doing its feed just fine now too!

  4. Let me explain why I haven't commented since mid-June (the last post I read of yours was from June 14). I was just on Michelle's blog and saw your link to the photo you took to explain depth of field. I clicked over and saw all kinds of new posts! I have missed out on a lot! So I got mad at my Outlook and wondered why it wasn't delivering your feed to me. And now I go find out that you changed locations, and I've changed my feed and I'm catching back up with you.
    Phew! I'm glad the mystery has been solved. :)
    And I like the depth of field photo you took too.

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