Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now That Takes Me Back


It came just once a year.

As children we would wait for it....

plan for it.....

dream about it.

It was just one weekend in June.

The Queens birthday long weekend.

Apart from Christmas it was the most anticipated weekend in the entire year.
It was the ONLY weekend that we were legally allowed to buy and use fireworks.


I have so many wonderful memories from these weekends. It was such a social event...friends, neighbors, communities coming together around a bonfire to "oooohhh" and "aaahhhh" as we worked our way through fireworks gathered and gazed upon...( and in the case of my brothers and most boys their age "re-engineered") ..for weeks on end.
There were plenty of singed eyebrows and burnt fingers but there was also a lot of just plain, simple fun .


At some point, the powers that be deemed fireworks to be too dangerous for the public to have access to. Forget about personal responsibility ..(don't get me started!)...and so this wonderous and exciting institution came to an abrupt and sad end. No more fireworks...except if you want to go down to Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve with 4 million others to enjoy the choreographed display. Not that the Harbour fireworks aren't spectacular...they are. But they lack that personal touch


So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that the county where we own our cabin still allows, even encourages, the purchase and use of fireworks over the July 4th weekend. My husband was positively giddy.
We took the kids to buy some fireworks today in preparation for next weekend


  1. Outstanding Bub...!! Boy, fireworks night...I still get excited thinking about it and it's been banned for more than 25 years!! I do hope all the BOYS have a great time,

  2. That looks like a LOT of fireworks, Donna! Hope you had fun and the kids stayed safe.

  3. i know you must have had a sparkling and special time with theses ~great captures Donna!

  4. A beautiful series of shots! I like the colours and your compositions. I found the link to your page over at Toni's blog in her Sunday Spotlight :)