Thursday, June 11, 2009

Schools out for Summer....


Finally after much anticipation....its summer.

On the way to school this morning for the last time the kids were singing that Alice Cooper song....

"School's out for summer;
School's out for-ever"

Oh, Mr Cooper you don't know how true your words are...or the words of whoever actually wrote that song.

This is our last official day of formal school. We have 10 lovely weeks of summer in front of us and then our homeschool adventure begins. So right now we are celebrating....and add to that a birthday. Ciara turns 12 today...on the last day of school. oh...and the picture is the view from her bedroom window this morning. Her friends in the neighborhood left her this lovely birthday surprise.

Happy Birthday Chicky!


  1. I love that picture! The kids were so cute working on it last night... while I was shoveling at that lovely rock pile in the upper left corner! ;)

    We're so jealous they're out... we're still busy making up our snow days. :( BOO-HISS!!!


    Happy birthday Ciara!!

  2. That is so cool that Ciara's friends left her that birthday surprise!

  3. Ok how come we only get 6 weeks summer holidays and you get 10??

    I am off to complain to the Australian government!

    Do you get less holidays during the school year instead of like us 2 weeks off between each term?

  4. We played that song on YouTube and sung it all morning on the last day of school too. :)

  5. Love the chalk birthday message. I'll have to remember that for Katie's birthday next week!

  6. oh my gosh! so you decided to, how exciting!!! happy summer to you.

  7. What a fun surprise to awaken to on your birthday. Happy late birthday, to the birthday girl!!

  8. happiness school and birthday cake ~yahoo!

  9. Great shot! Happy be-lated birthday Ciara! What a cool birthday "greeting" to wake up to.

  10. Very nice "slice o life" image. Definitely says "school is out!"