Monday, January 5, 2009

The Adventures of Paloma

A number of people have emailed me asking about Paloma and how she enjoyed her vacation?
I had hoped to periodically blog about Paloma's adventures while I was away but due to lack of reliable internet connection I have had to save the telling until I got home.
Paloma (which means dove or pigeon in Spanish) was quite the diva to travel with.
She and I were at odds right from the get go .
It all started with her unhappiness about the accomodation I provided for her inside my camera bag. She demanded to fly first class and was disgruntled at being relegated to "cattle class" with the rest of us.
She managed to be an exceedingly ungrateful guest while we were away and she developed a nasty habit of expressing her displeasure by pooping all over people's furniture.
It turns out she is quite the partier and has an obvious problem with binge drinking as some of the photos attest..(we are planning an intervention later this month).
She managed to ruffle more than a few feathers too. She had a run in with my sister in law who threatened that Paloma could end up replacing the turkey for Christmas dinner.
So now we are back home she has been returned to the perch on her birdhouse to contemplate her behaviour or risk being left behind on our next vacation.


  1. What a diva!
    Looks like she had quite an adventure.
    Thanks for sharing her antics with us.

  2. That is so funny! I love the last photo of Paloma laying belly-up on the table with the knocked over beer bottle!

  3. Sounds like you both had quite a time! I especially like the photos of her over-indulgence in alcohol. ;) Nothing like a binge drinking bird! lol

    Thanks so much for the link to freecycle, by the way. I've already registered for the closest location and can't wait to get started!

  4. Paloma!! I'm shocked!! Have you considered putting her in rehab?

    Silly bird. ;)

  5. That is too funny, Donna!! I love that shot of Paloma in the champagne flute. Bottoms up!

  6. It looks like Paloma had a great time!!!

  7. I'm not for pointing the finger as Donna I'm sure will tell you, I wld just like to say it wasn't me who threatened Paloma

  8. so creative ~ so typical of a bird, glad you shared!!

  9. She looks like she had a great time. She sounds like a bit of a Diva.

  10. Heehee, your funny! I am in the process of trying to make 5 of these little birds for an online group called, Birds for change exchange. Let's just say they are not nearly as lovely as your sweet Paloma!

  11. I read you comment on my blog I. Thanks!! I decided to stop by. Lovely blog!!What a cute Paloma's story. My husband does something like that for our girls and sends pictures to us of "fuzy" traveling in Europe.Back to the felt...