Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toy Society Christmas Drop


This post is a little late.
The Toy Society held a worldwide Christmas Toy Drop on the weekend before Christmas. For those of you unfamiliar the Toy Society, it..."is a small project spreading the love throughout the streets. Nothing to it really just a bunch of handmade toys looking for a nice home."
So this was a synchronized drop across the world in an effort to leave behind a little bit of anonymous Christmas spirit.
I made the toys here at home in Washington and they were packed away in my luggage and taken to Australia.


The toys accompanied my family and I to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where with the help of my daughter and niece we found just the right place to leave them.
We left the first one in the cafe we frequented every morning for our coffee fix...Le Monde on Hastings Street, Noosa


And the last one we left tied to this hysterical looking tree at Noosa beach on the boardwalk. (I had to tie the twine...the girls thought the tree was "gross" and wouldn't touch it....sheesh!!!)

The toys were both gone when we came back a few hours later to check....I wonder where they ended up????


  1. That tree seems a little "racy" for a family blog! ;) I wouldn't have touched it either. Smart girls! ;) hee-hee.

    I ADORE the toys you made! Those would make wonderful gifts for little people. Next year you'll have to teach Natalie & I how to make them. SO CUTE!

    P.S. Thanks for teasing me with those Aus. pics. :)

  2. I hope they made it to very happy children!
    What a great idea.

  3. What great toys and what a great idea! Love it!

  4. I've seen this on a few blogs and I think it's the coolest thing! I want to do it next year. Love the spirit and surprise of it all! xx

  5. the toys and the sentiment behind them is so wonderful ~ I have not heard of this thanks for sharing ...

  6. That is a very cool idea and I love what you made. Can you buy a homemade toy and give it away?? I'm not so crafty that way. What does your note say? I'm just very curious about this idea. It must have been very fun to come back later to find the toys gone - I wonder how long it took.

  7. The toys are awesome and what a great cause to :)

    Cool looking tree!

  8. Whoa, what kind of tree is that?!

    The Toy Society sounds like a great thing. I put it on my feed reader so I don't forget about it as next Christmas is approaching! My children and I will love participating in this! Your toys are so cute! I'm sure you made some children were very happy!

  9. This is such a WONDERFUL idea! And I'm totally in love with those little dolls! How FUN! I've gotta learn to sew so I can do this next year.

    I'm sure they made it to wonderful homes and made their owners VERY happy.

    Love your new header by the way. Simply GORGEOUS!

  10. I love this idea and love that they are hand made. I always think of the surprised face of a child that finds the toy and always wish we would find one.

    Next time please leave a toy in Melbourne so we at least have a chance :)

  11. Donna, you are a many faceted talented woman! What cute dolls.

  12. You rock. Do you know that?! Wow, love this idea and loved the adorable little dolls you made. What a wonderful idea.