Sunday, January 18, 2009

Husband Heaven

My creation

My husband found something that is close to his Nirvana today...his heaven on earth. A specialty cheese store hidden away behind a very unsuspecting facade in downtown Spokane. Next door is a store that sells handmade chocolates and on the other side is a funky little wine store called Vino that has wine tasting and wine appreciation classes. Let me just say that today I had a very Happy Husband!


  1. Ohhh I would be in heaven too!! I love cheese almost as much as I love chocolate :)

  2. We never made it to Spokane when we lived in WA, but I have many friends who told me what a fun little city it is.
    You found a treasure. Yeah!

  3. That looks really good! So just where is this exactly?? =)

  4. Ooooo that cheese looks REALLY good! But I'm afraid I'd have to save the cheese for dessert after my main meal of chocolate.

    *I've been REALLY good, in cutting back on my sweets so far this year, but MAN! Some days I could really eat a whole cake . . . like today for instance. Maybe lack of sleep weakens your resolve. ;)

  5. Mmmmm, that cheese looks so good! That is a great find! Last year my FIL bought my MIL a whole assortment of fancy cheeses and wines for her birthday. She loved it!

  6. PS ~ Stop by my blog. I got a little something for ya'.

  7. were you able to get him to leave?

    sounds like the staff of life ...cheese
    wine and chocolate!

    nice pairing in your photo

  8. It sounds like the street is heaven for shopping. Cheese, wine, and chocolates, you only need some crackers, dip and sun dried tomatoes and you have a meal.
    I love all the different cheeses in the window.

  9. You guys and your crazy love of smelly cheeses!! ;) HAHHA!!

    We were looking for you at Schweitzer yesterday... couldn't find your phone number in Ken's cell. Did you go up?

    It was GLORIOUS (WARM & SUNNY!!) I got a sunburn!

  10. Oh my husband would be in heaven too... the cheese and the wine at least. Looks great!