Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Lighthouse


The most easterly point of Australia is Cape Byron which hovers above those beautiful beaches I shared with you in my last post. It has this wonderfully restored lighthouse that is perched on the very top of rugged, craggy cliffs


It is the most wonderful view from way up there. You can peer out into the vast pacific ocean and watch the freighters plow through the seas as they make their way up and down the coast.


The colors were just breathtaking. And once again I haven't touched these pictures up at all. SOC. The view was mesmerizing. I felt like I could just keep staring . We were peering down watching the waves crashing against the rocks and you could see fish and stingrays swimming below. So if you are a bit of a beach buff add Byron Bay to your list of places to visit. I don't think you will be disappointed.



  1. Just beautiful!
    I love all the blues in the third shot with all the boys.
    That lighthouse reminds me of one that my husband took a photo of on one of our trips to Cannon Beach, OR. Must go search for that...

  2. These are really beautiful. YES the color is so vibrant and gorgeous. For some reason I have a tricky time getting such blue skies in my shots even when the sky is fairly blue - go figure! ;)

  3. Really wonderful captures again, Donna. Just spectacular.

  4. The one of the window and that little head poking out is my favorite of this series. I love the scale of it.

  5. Ugh! You and your SOOC pictures!! JEALOUS!! ;)

    I can not wait for the sun to shine here!! All my recent SOOC pics are monochrome. ;)

  6. These are fantastic! And I'm with Jaime . . . I love that shot through the window! Even above all those bright colors! So sweet and precious!

    You've got an amazing set of photos here! I'm enjoying them immensely!

  7. The colors are just beautiful. What a cool lighthouse!

  8. It is gorgeous isn't it. Geoff's dad grew up in Byron and we have been the last few years around this time of year, early Feb. With Ella starting school this year we won't be able to and honestly, last year it was a bit crazy so we thought we'd go later. It's hard when there are so many gorgeous places to visit, but I just love going there. Despite the fact that it is for tourists, it's also a real living town and the food everywhere there is amazing. The colours in your shots are amazing.

  9. I love the green see and the photo has such sharp focus very beautiful

  10. love the one of the lighthouse window and the boy... and great colors of those waves.

  11. It's beautiful! Looks like a wonderful day.