Monday, January 19, 2009

No reason

IMG_4957a normally my pictures are somehow related to the subject I'm blogging about...but I'm going to be upfront with's picture is really just me trying to hold on to summer in the midst of another chilly PNW day. I am missing being close to the ocean. Missing the sound of the waves and the soft sand between my toes. Being near the beach is great any time of the year..winter or summer...and being so far away from it would have to be one of the top 5 things that I miss about living in Sydney.
Having said that though, there is a bright spot in my otherwise chilly January weekend! Not too long ago I stumbled upon Jennifer's blog. It was witty and fun and has a lot of thought provoking themes and some great photos. Well she has given me the "Blogging Friends Award". I am blushing. How thoughtful. And the wonderful thing about this award is that you don't have to do anything except pass it on. Jennifer has eloquently listed the rules for the award here so I won't repeat them...but all I have to do is pass them onto 8 other bloggers who I count among my friends.
There are some new friends that I have met on this blogging adventure and some old ones from my pre blog days. So here goes....
With all the fanfare and drum rolls I can muster I officially pass this award along to....

1 - Michelle from Michelle Sidles Photography
2 - Sebrina from SunMamma
3 - Melissa from 365
4 - Liss from A Memory Forever
5 - Cheryl from Al Ain Notebook
6 - Victoria from 13Mimosa
7 - Toni from the Daily Vignette
8 - Shalet from Peculiar Momma

All of these women are talented, creative and fun and their blogs are always filled with cool ideas, great photographs and interesting stories. So if you get a free moment be sure to visit them for a bit of inspiration.


  1. I love that shot. His strength and confidence just jump right out at you.

    I can see why you would miss being there. What a beautiful place.
    I don't know on which side of the mountains you live, but it would be especially hard if you live on the east side!

    Can't wait to visit your bloggy friends.

  2. Why... I am just so... honored!! This is such a bright spot in my otherwise winty *blah* day! ;) I seriously cannot believe my kids are home from school AGAIN!! ;) Craziest thing ever.

    I'm with you about missing the beach. One of the things *I* miss most about Sydney is the beach! ;)

  3. Aww thanks so much for mentioning my blog!! I am honoured :) I can't wait to check out the other blogs you have listed here. I love the picture btw!

  4. Wow - thanks for the bright spot in my day! I needed that!

    Now off to visit others ...;o)

  5. Just to make you feel a little more homesick it's 38 degrees C here in Melbourne, with a total fire ban in most parts of Victoria ;)

  6. It looks like he posed for that shot! Great capture.

    I know a couple of those bloggers and and just like you, they are so deserving of that award. I'm off to meet your other friends ;)!

  7. What a SUPER, SUPER photo! If I ever make it to that part of the world, I don't know if I would ever come back. At least you've got those wonderful photos and the memories they evoke!

    Can't wait to check out all those cool blogs!

  8. Wow, thank you so much now I have 2 awards I need to blog about. I will get to this in the next week or 2 wont forget.

    Don’t wish to make you jealous but it is hot in Melbourne currently was 41 degrees Celsius today.

  9. Well way to put a smile on my face!! This is my first award and I'm completely touched and honored. Thank you! I'm going to take an extended lunch hour so I can visit the others. =)

  10. I just love these little circles we create....bloggy friends are the best!