Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons

It was about 26 degrees F outside. Not really swimming weather...except if you have swim lessons at an indoor heated pool!
My son and his friend just love going to swim lessons together. The goggles are a must...neither boy will swim without them. Though from looking at Noah's....I'm not sure how effective they actually are at keeping the water out!

These boys have a LOT of energy, so they are always eager to supply me with plenty of practice taking action shots!


Having spent a lot of time over the holidays taking shots at the beach and the pool..(yes I am rubbing it in!)...I have really developed a love for taking "water" shots. I love the sculptural element of the water as its movement is fixed in time by the camera's lens.



  1. Those two kids are adorable...Especially the boy in the blue goggles. I bet his mom is awesome ;-)

  2. These are some really fun shots. I've been wanting to take some water shots, but no running water close by and our outdoor pool is closed. Time for a road trip...when it warms up a bit.

  3. All the shots are really fun and the girls swimmers in the first shot are so cute. I wish I was younger to be able to wear such cute swimwear again.

  4. love your pics...I am so not looking forward to going back to those temps am loving the warm sunny days here in Melbourne. I'll be doing the same going to the heated pool and watching the ice on the frozen river.

  5. These are incredible shots!!! My boys love swimming lessons too :)

  6. donna ~ as always you have captured the essence of the moment so joyfully....without the chlorine smell!

  7. Great shots! I also love water shots. So cool!

  8. Hmmm, that pool looks mighty familiar to me. :) Looks like fun. Isn't it great that Jack has such a good friend!

    I also LOVE water shots, that's one of my favorite parts of my kids being on swim team. I can't wait for summer!

  9. Okay, the shot of their little bottoms is just so cute!
    I bet you had a blast taking action photos of the boys. They probably never got tired of obliging you.

  10. These are wonderful!

    Your photography skills are growing by LEAPS & BOUNDS and I'm enjoying every one of them!

  11. thanks for dropping by the button post Donna...It's a pity I cant fit the stash in my suitcase wonder what customs would say?