Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting the New Year Off with a Splash


Nothing like starting the New Year off with a splash.

To herald in the New Year I joined some of my teammates from Team Blaze and ran the Hangover Handicap 5 Mile Race this morning. It was c-c-cold. My car said minus 1 degrees F which is about minus 20 degrees C. But after the first mile or so I warmed up and it was just breathtaking running around Lake Coeur d'Alene. 

After the race we headed over to Sanders beach to join all my other crazy friends to do the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake CDA.  Yes...that's right.  Plunging into a frigid lake. Hold on...lets back up....let me just give you a little background here first.

Doing a polar plunge is on my bucket list.  When I found out there was one at CDA on Jan 1st I figured "why not".  I mentioned it to some friends here and there.  Most thought I was crazy....but to my surprise a number of my friends got onboard with the whole idea and agreed to join in.  So fun...its always better to do something ridiculous with company. 


So I met Matt, the kids( yes they were eager to join in too) and all our friends at Sanders beach and prepared to plunge. Did I mention that it was a teensy bit cold????



I was actually surprised to see so many people there. These Pacific Northwesterners are a tough lot.  Snow all over the beach and icy water won't stop them. Then there was a countdown...( and a polar bear in a boat).....and in we all plunged ....all 19 of us.

{This series of pictures really makes me laugh - you can see how cold it was just from looking at the expressions on peoples faces}






Got the year off to a great far 2011 is looking gooood. 


  1. That's what happens when you are cooped up inside for to long, you will do anything to get rid of "cabin fever"

  2. Donna! I LOVE your blog!!! The pics are gorgeous (is it the new camera?) and your writing style is so fun. Now I have blog envy! Cheers!

  3. Perhaps those ladies in the front of the picture need a review of the rules. It doesn't count if you don't get your hair wet.

  4. You people are crazy! After growing up swimming in a pool that lost heat at least once a winter, I abhor cold water.

    Here people do the Polar Bear swim at Barton Springs, which stays at about 68 degrees year round. Even that is too cold for me.