Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candle Making

We are candle people at our house. We usually have at least one candle burning at any given time of the day....bathrooms, kitchen, living areas. I like the scented ones. They help remove cooking smells from the air and freshen up the house. And because we tend to go through a lot of candles we decided that we could probably make our own candles so ....

For Matt's birthday I bought him a candle making kit. I bought it online from Lone Star Candle Supply. There are a lot of other great candle supply stores but we found this one to be affordable and great for a beginner! The kit came with the wax, molds, wicks, instructions and some sample colors and scents.

The kids decided that they wanted to make some green colored coconut lime verbana scented votives. They helped with the measuring of the wax, the scents and the colors. I was surprised at how easy the process was and how little mess we made considering we had so many "helpers".
We melted the ingredients in a double boiler on the stove and then Matt poured the melted wax into the molds.

We chose votives but you can really make whatever you want as long as you have the right mold.

We were very happy with the final result. And the best part is it cost us only about half the price of the "professional" ones ...and it was SO much more fun.


  1. Wow!!! I might just give it a try. They look very professional. How do they burn, not to smokey & the scent, hmm...anything's gotta be betta than stale cooking smells. I'm impressed.

  2. They burn as well as any of the professional ones. The scent is lovely and there is no smoke. Next we are going to try a blueberry cobbler scent. I'll let you know how they turn out.

  3. That's cool!! That would be a fun indoor project since I can feel the weather is going to turn on us any day now. :)

    Ooohh, I just had a good idea pop into my head but can't share it here as it might be related to Natalie's birthday!!

    Thanks for the FRUGAL tip. :)

  4. Those look great! They'd make excellent holiday gifts!

  5. i am a candle person too but have not ever tried making them ~ it looks like your kids were big helpers!

  6. This looks like soooo much fun. We might have to try it for Christmas gifts.

  7. this looks fun. growing up we used to make candles the old fashioned way - a big iron pot of wax melting over a fire outdoors and we would dip the string in, walk around the fire and dip again. haha i'm not that old but my dad liked doing things like they did in williamsburg. it was fun.

    these look so nice and i love candles, i'll have to check that out.