Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

"Spread your wings" posted this little bit of nostalgia and I think I might follow suit. It is my Dad's birthday today. He would have been 79. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him and Mum. I'm not sure that the death of a loved one is something you ever really get over...you just learn to live with it. So in order to celebrate what a wonderful life he had, I revisited some of the old photographs that my brothers had found and sent to me.
These pictures were taken in the mid seventies at Surfers Paradise on the Australian Gold Coast where we used to go every summer for our family vacations. Lots of sun, surf, sand....and memories. Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Alright. I might try to scan in an old pic and join in the nostalgia. :)

    That's a sweet tribute to your parents. Do you think they ever thought they would be on a blog? I'm sure they would be pretty thrilled with your blog. :)

    My mom was asking me the other day (after enjoying my blog for a month) "What is a blog?" ;) I thought that was pretty funny.

  2. That would be fun...I'd love to see some old pics of you :o)
    That is so great your Mom reads your blog. I was telling my friend about my blog the other day and she thought I was saying.."I have a blob". She must have thought I had some kind of unsightly skin growth or something!!!!

  3. HAHAA!! ;) Blob.

    She must not be a tech-y. :)

  4. chuckling so much over blobs and memories ! my parents also are gone ~ celebrate your dad's birthday and the life he gave YOU!

  5. Thanks Elk...yes, you are right...celebrate and appreciate!

  6. wanted to let u know we were thinking of him 2. I had 2 lol michelle's comment ur mum & dad wldn't hve any idea bout blogs unless u told them.
    i miss your mum & dad heaps too. i am often talking bout them. you dont get over the loss, u hve a different kind of relationship with them than u did b4. this new relationship is just as important as the relationship u had when u cld see, touch & talk to them in person. ur new relationship with them is just so different that it takes quite some time to understand it. by honouring ur dad's birtday as u did is part of ur new type of relationship with him, just as is looking thru old pics & feeling that ache in ur heart. u r honouring them & building on your new relationship. goodness me that is deep stuff isn't it.
    happy birthday grandad
    elaine xx

  7. ....went up to visit dad for his birthday....

  8. i still remember the time those photo's were taken for some reason. Those times just go by to fast.. i suppose thats the part of being young..