Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sun Flare

After being inspired by my friend Michelle's sunflare shots, I decided to venture out and see if I could capture some of my own. I loved the color of these autumn leaves. They only appear for a brief moment then they are gone.

Like they are going out with a blaze of glory.

The branches alive with these impossibly vivid colors. Here today...gone tomorrow.


  1. Just gorgeous! Alrighty . . . you've inspired me. I'm going to have to try this tomorrow morning, and see if I can get a little flare for myself! Thanks so much for sharing. I just love your blog!

  2. yay!! Good job! Isn't it fun to see something, try it and SUCCEED!!?


  3. good job. sun flare is a hard one for me because i feel like i either get too much or nothing. practice, practice, practice :)

  4. could you see after all these beautiful photos~flair blindness!

  5. Yes...I got a little over sealous with my flare!