Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's in Your Journal?


  1. Type A Personality Here...

    My journal is on my computer. Not even in my own handwriting. No momentos. No color. Just black & white.

    I've tried other more "creative" journaling but the place I find the most honest & the best flow, my keyboard. :)

    And you???

  2. Matt bought me a leatherbound journal. It is a little order at all..I'm sure it would drive you crazy...but it has a whole mish mash of things in it...old photos, sketches, recipes, my "bucket" list and more recently a whole stack of these funky postcards a friend picked up for me when she went to Europe this summer. I have adopted a paperclip system to keep everything from falling out of it.

  3. Yep, that would cause me anxiety attacks! ;) Just kidding.

    I would like to look through it.
    Of course, that really isn't the point of a journal, now is it? :)