Friday, July 17, 2009

Boy Math


Potato + hairspray x contraption =


A Potato Canon.


  1. I can't believe what some parents will allow their kids to do!? I would NEVER let my kid do that!! :(
    Oh wait a minute... that is my kid. ;) Nevermind.

  2. Michelle's comment made me snicker.

    This post has me so wistful now! I wish my dad and brother were here to shoot potato guns again.

    One of the things my dad and brother truly enjoyed years ago was shooting the potato gun at our lake house. Their favorite game was to cut open a watermelon and set it by the shoreline and try to make it explode. (They shot the gun from the porch of the house, far away!) They were such boys when the potato gun came out. And I loved it too!

    I can't wait for my husband and son to do this one day.

  3. I'm still laughing so much over your comments Michelle I can hardly type.
    This is so weird, my Daniel was describing some sort of gun oh that's right it wasn't a gun it was a flame thrower that he'd thort up of but it had similar piping as the potato gun & a tank like u hve for suba diving not with oxygen but some inflamable gas!!!!! BOYS!!!!

  4. Your label should say 4 kids, one just looks to be a bit over grown. I have never heard of a potato gun before and I had two boys! Guess I'll have to Google it so I can be prepared if I ever get any grandkids. =)