Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's a Dog's Life


It's pretty simple really.
Feed me.
Play with me.
Love me.
And don't get too angry with me when I mess up, and I'll be your friend and loyal companion forever.
Dog's have such a wonderful view of life. Nothing complicated. And yet they are ALWAYS happy.


We have a dog, Beau. Despite his happy-go-lucky nature God did not bless him with an overabundance of brain cells so occassionally he does get called Dopey instead of Beau but he cheerfully responds to it all the same. No judgments. No drama. No game playing...well... maybe some tugging on a toy!!!
If only people could be more like dogs.


  1. I have been known to be Dopey... like Beau. Is that what you meant? If only people could be more like him? ;) EASY!!! :)

    I LOVE him. :) He makes me happy and since I will probably never own a dog :( it's nice to have him nearby.

  2. I so agree! Maybe I should listen to myself. ;)

  3. those are fabulous pictures!! thanks so much for linking your story.

  4. Beau and Leo would be good buddies. Leo has earned his nick name of "dufus" one more than one occasion.
    But how dull our lives would be without them in it.
    (The reduction in fur around the house would be nice though...)