Friday, July 3, 2009

The New Do


Note to self.....

When taking a self portrait:

1 - put on some make-up...(yes...must remember that next time)
2 - style hair....(as this was the purpose of the self portrait using a brush on the hair is probably an important step)
3 - clean bathroom mirror BEFORE taking photo...(all those little specks of toothpaste all over the mirror don't exactly provide a great backdrop!)
4 - edit arm and camera out of the picture...actually maybe just photoshop the whole thing. Reduce wrinkles, whiten teeth...sheesh that could really take a while! now I'm digressing. Onto the subject of this post. The New Do.

You know how they say not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well the same applies to a haircut. Don't go to the hairdresser when you are having a bad hair day. Because shouts of "Just cut it all off" will be gleefully followed.

This is what happened to me yesterday. I actually quite like it although most of my family have other ideas.

Response of Son #1: No...uh, uh....nope....too short...way too not OK..(then proceeds to leave the room shaking his head)

Response of Son #2: Do I HAVE to tell you what I think of it. (If you have to ask then no...better to leave it unsaid.)

Finally daughter who has just witnessed all this. "I like it Mom. And after all, it's just hair"


Husband, who hasn't EVER noticed when I get a haircut can't stop looking at it with a puzzled expression. No words just looks.

So the new do has certainly got everyone's attention.

Nuff said!


  1. @ least they didn't say u looked awful in words!!!!!!
    what is it with men & short hair on women!!!!
    I love your "new do", in fact I love short hair. :)

  2. Well I, for one, think it is very cute. I'm wanting a new short "do", but haven't found the time to go in and...wait for it..."do" it. :D

    PS You're in my Sunday Spotlight. ;)

  3. Sorry I haven't been around, I thought you hadn't been blogging until Toni featured you on her blog and I realised you are now at your own web address.

    Nothing worse that a hair cut you don't like but your daughter is right will grow.

  4. cute self-portrait, even if you are lacking the things all of us women think we need.

  5. You are waaaaay to hard on yourself. I think you look great and I really like the cut.