Wednesday, July 29, 2009



I'm still unsure exactly HOW it all came about. I think I started it with lots of big talk..(while drinking a that might have something to do with it!)
But it seems I have committed to do a triathlon...yes...actually compete in one. Well two really but more on that later.

Michelle has a pretty good blow by blow description on how it all came about on her blog.
Now the bad news is that I HAVE actually signed up for it officially so there is no backing out. But there is good news....quite a bit of it actually.
The first bit of good news is that it's 12 months away. So that allows for 11 months of procrastination and then one full month of panicing. Ahem. What I meant to say was I have allowed myself a good long training window to get into shape.
Secondly, after Michelle and I agreed to sign up together to support each other there have been a number of others sign up. My wonderful hubby, Michelle's hubby and at least one of our neighbors, (although we are crossing our fingers for a few more). So it is going to be fun to be able to train and compete with friends. I do say compete in the loosest way possible. I think for all of us (bar Michelle's husband who actually has marathon and triathlon experience), finishing the race in one piece will be a huge achievement and our only real goal.
Now this race is run in July and is a sprint triathlon. You can read about it here. However this is really just a preliminary to the main event...the olympic triathlon run at
Lake Couer D'alene every year. Michelle, Terry ( another friend) and I are going to enter as a team, each doing one leg of the race. I am apparently the swimmer, (unfortunately I am not allowed to wear floaties), Michelle will cycle and Terry will run. I think I have gotten out of the deal pretty lightly. I only have to swim 1.5 km or just under one mile, Michelle will have to ride 40km (25 miles) and Terry will have to run 10km (6.2 miles).
Now I'm not sure how this sounded like fun at all but somehow we convinced our husbands to form a team and join us. So we will all be doing the Olympic Triathlon together. Sounds like fun eh?
{ Now you'll understand the relevance of my photo that accompanies this post!}


  1. I think only us aussies will appreciate the full impact of your accompanying pic.
    Oh er... sorry umm...gr8 idea donna I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of training regime you work out (holds sides whilst trying not to burst out laughing)...sorry bout that...ahem.....Go Team.
    ps: make sure your medical is up to date.....

  2. Ha!! I know exactly how this all came about... and it is spelled... D-O-N-N-A!! ;)

    I'm SOOO excited to be doing this with you and all my neighbors!!

    Go TEAM MOORE!! ;)

  3. I love it! I finally registered for my half marathon that is coming up in September. My team has been a big motivator too. I wouldn't have done it without them!
    And I too can't believe I am actually doing it. Ugh!