Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Dad


Fun-Dad lives at our house.

My husband works pretty long hours but when he is home he is always doing something fun. If you have a dog you will know how they bound to meet you as you walk in the door, tail wagging. Well when Matt comes home from work the kids are a little bit like excited pups. Bouncing around yelling "Dad's home" bounding out to meet him. That's mostly because he always has something fun to make or do with the kids. The potato canon was last weeks project. On Friday he came home with a paper cold it had frost on the outside. The children were intrigued.


He had brought a block of dry ice for the kids to play with...and weren't they delighted. They put it in colored water and pretended to make a witches brew


They added it to a variety of different coke certainly produced the best results.



And if you are wondering we were careful not it touch it with our bare hands because it can burn your skin. Dry ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide...( and its freezing point is much lower than that of water (-78 degrees C)so when we put the left over dry ice in the freezer overnight it was gone by the next morning. The ice has melted and turned back into CO2


And then of course with lots of giggling and laughing it was put in the toilet. To bubble and froth and smoke away. Mum would never have come up with these ideas....thank goodness for "Fun-Dad"


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  1. mmm good old dry ice.

    (ahem, sublimation is the process C02 undertakes from solid to gas)