Wednesday, March 25, 2009

100 posts....and a little giveaway!


These pictures are primarily for family and friends back in Australia who for the last few months have been experiencing record temperatures, bush fires and generally sweltering conditions. On our side of the pond we are also poised to set in the wintery Pacific Northwest we are only an inch or so from setting the record for the snowiest winter ever...(well since they started keeping records anyway!).


We took the kids away last weekend for a ski trip to Schweitzer. Such an awesome place even if you're not much into skiing. The little village on the mountain offers a movie theater, coffee shops and some great restaurants. The outdoor hottub where we stayed was a favorite of the boys...Matt and I enjoyed the ski in/ski out location of our hotel. When the kids got tired they headed back to the hotel while Matt and I had a "ski date" and spent an hour or so skiing....just the 2 of us...Awwwwww!


I have to say though...we were a little nervous after hearing about all the bad ski karma that also went on that weekend. What with Natasha Richardson's tragic accident and then that family ski trip that turned to tragedy after their plane crashed in Montana. I am pleased to report that we survived our weekend unscathed and I have vowed to buy helmets for myself and Matt next season.

Anyway...this being my 100th post...( I can't believe I have had so much to say!)..I am celebrating by offering a little giveaway! A set of Lemon Dingo standard size labels with your choice of icon, text and color to the winner.( Check out all the designs at ). To enter just leave a comment on this post between now and March 31st and my high tech number drawing system will reveal a winner! Good luck and thanks for sharing the blog journey with me :-)


  1. What a fun getaway! I've always wanted to try snow skiing . . . but I'm afraid I'm too old to learn! lol Snow shoeing might be more my speed, nowadays.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm glad you made it home safely!

  2. Oh a giveaway! How nice!! :) I would've left a comment even without the giveaway! ;)

    The picture of you on the chairlift is fantastic!

    I had the same feeling as you did about the helmet thing. We make our kids wear one but I just won't because I grew up not wearing one, etc. etc. Anyway, I will now be donning a ski helmet AND a bike helmet! :)

    Looks like a great, relaxing getaway.

  3. Happy 100th post!

    Great photos. That sounds like a fun weekend!

  4. Happy 100th post. My girls are desperate to see snow. I think next winter I may just drive north to Oklahoma when I hear that a big storm is coming through.

  5. As i read your post I did think of those ppl who've had accidents on the ski slopes & I'm glad u guys made it back in one piece. Yea funny isn't it we protect the kids but neglect ourselves, yet who wld look after our rascals if we didn't return. We humans are a funny lot are we not.

  6. I can never pass up a chance at a giveaway! Loved the snow skiing pictures. Can't WAIT for summer pictures, and summer fun! TR

  7. I'm glad your ski trip was fun and accident free! I used to love going skiing, except for the cold. I'd have to head for the lodge to warm up after every run. Congrats on your 100th post!

  8. i would like 2 go to that mountain place (can't spell the name)
    it sound soooo cool!!!!!!!


  9. I have never been skiing but would like to go sometime. Maybe the next time we visit family in Denver we'll do it! I think I'd enjoy the hot chocolate drinking in the ski lodge the most though :) ha!

    A giveaway - how fun! I have been thinking of doing one too. Congrats on 100 posts! Labeling is so fun - totally appeals to the librarian in me. xx

  10. The Australian snow and ski season just wouldn't compare to the stuff you get in America so enjoy it.

    I was in the bush fire affected areas on Sunday doing some archival / history photos for some locals. Will post about it soon. Words can describe the devastation.

  11. Ohhh. I miss skiiing. It's been over ten years!