Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Resources Everywhere


The good thing about schools is that all the resources are there for you. Program, curriculum, teachers, books, computers, teaching supplies, you name it...the school (for the most part) have it. So having decided to take the homeschool route I have found a couple of resources to be invaluable in discerning what I need to know and how to go about finding it.
The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a great place to start. It has a mountain of information from legal requirements to co-ops and support groups in each state.
The HSLDA pointed me in the direction of a local homeschool co-op - the Valley Home Scholars. When I contacted them I was so surprised to find what an established homeschool infrastructure was right on my doorstep. They offer all sorts of classes from high school science, to Spanish and Latin, Literature, debate and even a homeschool band. So it was just like having the resources of a school with none of the school bureacracy.

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