Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting the Government Involved


There was a lot of conjecture at the conference about the role the government plays in homeschooling. The traditional homeschoolers do it all on their governemtn assistance or funding. Recently, the government, no doubt as a response to the increasing popularity of HS have started offering financial assistance to HS families in exchange for some review of their methods and progress.
In my area, a program called Spokane Valley Learning Academy is available to HS families. This provides classes one day a week and financial support of up to $330 per child per year but in exchange HS have to provide reporting on programing, progress and submit to testing and monthly meetings.
The traditional HSers are vehemently opposed to this kind of intervention and see it as the thin edge of the wedge. Others see it as a way to get some support and keep them focused and on track. At the moment I am uncommitted about the degree to which I want the kind of government assistance offered. Maybe as fall approaches I will figure out whether it will be a good fit for us or not.

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